In the vineyards of "La luna del rospo" the  butterflies fly,  the birds cheer and the lizards sunbathe !    

They are to be seen here as friendly and obvious representatives of all the flora and fauna that characterize a rich, complex and seamlessly connected biodiversity.    

In order to not only get a "great" but also simultaneously, a lively and wholesome quality in the glass, „La Luna del rospo” has given an enormous effort to care for trees, shrubs, herbs and grass in the rows of vines, not only because they are nice for the eye and restful places during hard work, but also, above all, because they provide protection and food for all those little helpers of a functioning ecosystem that yields the ancient wisdom containing millions of years of evolution.



The great new beginning: nature awakens to a dreamlike beauty - and more work than hands that help and hours a day.    


Wedding of fullness and beauty. And the extreme: does the sun go into the grape or wither it?

Does the rain lessen or harm? Fire and water: soothing balance or destructive excess.    


The time of  harvest and colours  splendor: reward and farewell. The grapes come into the barrel and it begins the exciting time of a new year of life.


 A calm period returns. The plants are allowed to sleep, to be with themselves and to draw strength. At “La luna del rospo”, they can rest undisturbed until well into the New Year and meditate on the plant soul.